Wednesday, April 23, 2014


I think the first time I heard this was on KLOVE. But I'm not positive. But for whatever reason it has stuck with me.

We end our prayers with Amen. Mostly we whisper them, as if we are afraid or maybe awed. But we should shout it with expectation and enthusiasm. I first heard that Amen means "so be it". We are ending our prayers with "so be it!" Something that we have an expectation to happen. It should be shouted from the treetops and we should let everyone know jut how serious we are about trusting in the strength of our God. My God! 

But as I was writing this is was trying to come up with where I first heard this. I went off to the internet and found some interesting things. Some people think that we should not say it at the end of our own benedictions, but as a response of others, an affirmation of what you heard.  Then I found what I was looking for... The Hebrew meaning.  "Truly!" That is what it means. Truly! I believe that what was said will be!  So be it! Amen isn't an ending, but rather the beginning of the great things that God is about to do in your life.

So when you pray, pray with confidence and know that you are ending with "Truly, so be it!"

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