Thursday, January 23, 2014

My Victory! M2C OBS

As I said before I am doing the OBS from Proverbs 31, Made to Crave. And it has been a long time since I have done a Bible study.  I forgot just how good it feels to be talking with other people about God, and what God has done, is doing, and will do for me.  I also forgot what it feels like to be moving in the same direction and have the support that I need in order to find my way (and stay on my path).

So, I wanted to share my victory for today.  I have a monthly meeting that takes place at a super-yummy pizza parlor.  I mean, this is one of those places that I LOVE to eat at.  And once a month, I get to go there.


I am just starting down this path, and it isn't paved yet.  Lysa talks about tearing down the tower and paving our path towards victory.  Uhhhhh... what!?! I don't even think that I had the path cleared, let alone laying any bricks.

So this morning, before my eyes had barely opened, I took my phone and went to the OBS.  And before my feet hit the ground, I said a prayer... and waited in expectation.  I asked God to see me through the day.  And I was anxious for the meeting most of the day.  I'll admit it, I wasn't fully trusting God.  I mean, I did... but I didn't want to feel the deprivation from one of my favorite things (oops, this make it sound more like an idol that I would like to admit).  So, as I got in my car to go to the meeting, I said another prayer.  No sooner than I said my "Amen", the radio played Overcomer - by Mandisa.  Now, why is this such a big deal?  Well, I found the OBS from one of her Facebook posts, and it has been a theme song for the Made 2 Crave OBS.  "Got it God! Stop worrying about this.  You've got it!"  I don't think it could have been much clearer!  Until I got to the meeting and the pizza was put down less than 2 inches from my hand.  "WHAT?!?! Come on......... I thought you had this God?"  But you know what, with another quick prayer and 1 Corinthians 10:23 firmly on my mind, heart, and lips from the moment I woke today, that pizza did NOT have the same pull.

God is with us, and we only have to look at Him.  We find Him through our prayers and scriptures.

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